Some issues of diagnostics and repair of car batteries “Nissan Leaf”

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Александр Сергеевич Паникарский

Владимир Васильевич Данков

Kharkiv State Automobile and Highway College, 61051 Kharkov, ul. Kotelnikovskaya 3

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Timely and competent maintenance of lithium-ion batteries as well as lead-acid ones will lead to an improvement in their performance properties. 

Analysis of publications. Current publications on the repair of (Li-ion) car batteries indicated the necessity to replace worn cells with the same typebatteries, where the capacity is at least 80% in nominal fractions without prior detailed diagnosis of the battery cells.

The purpose and setting of the problem. The purpose of this work is: to develop a method for diagnosing the electrical parameters of the battery cells of the Nissan Leaf. 

Investigation of operational parameters of the battery of the electric car in the process of its repair.The efficiency of an electric vehicle’s battery is determined in full dependence on the quality level of the weakest module in its composition.In this case, a comparative assessment of each module installed in the restored electric car is not carried out. On the basis of the experiments carried out in the laboratory of the Automobile Electronics Department of KhNAHU it was established that, all other things being equal, when conducting the test discharge of Li-ion battery it gave the most capacity when the “strongest” module was installed from the “+” side of the battery, and the rest were in descending order of their capacity. And when installing the “weakest” module from the “+” side of the output of the battery, and the rest – in the order of increasing their capacity, the same battery gave up 10% less capacity in the control discharge. Proper selection of the installation site of Li-ion modules approved for further use will allow for achieving the maximum available capacity for a given battery.

Equipment 4-channel modular block of the type “Block charging and recovery modular ”BCRM-4 / 12-4-Li-D “. The purpose of this device is for modular remanufacturing and diagnostics of freshly charged Li-ion battery modules.

Conclusions. Completion of battery modules with a minimum dispersion of parameters and their correct location in the circuit allows for increasing the output capacity by 10% and, accordingly, the kilometer run.

Key words: electric cars; accumulator battery; electric capacity.

Author Biographies

Александр Сергеевич Паникарский, Kharkiv State Automobile and Highway College, 61051 Kharkov, ul. Kotelnikovskaya 3


Владимир Васильевич Данков, Kharkiv State Automobile and Highway College, 61051 Kharkov, ul. Kotelnikovskaya 3



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