Chief Engineer

Dankov Vladimir Vasilevich

Born August 30, 1946


V. Dankov entered Kharkov Guards Tank School of the Engineering Department of the Military Academy of Armored Forces in 1972. He graduated in 1976.

Military service

Served in the army in engineering and technological openings where one of the main responsibility was solving problems of maintaining the constant technical readiness of the battery park of the military unit’s.

V. Dankov has got a huge amount of practical experience and in 1989 and received five certificates of innovator from Lieutenant General A.N. Kovalev the Deputy Commander of the Trans-Baikal District for Armaments. Based on the materials of these rationalization proposals in February 1989 Lieutenant-Colonel V. Dankov was personally received by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR for armament, General of the Army Vitaly Mikhailovich Shabanovsky.

In February 1990 after 25 years and 6 months of service as a veteran of the Ministry of Defense he was dismissed to the reserve.

Later life

After the service, he lives in Kharkov. He cooperates with various organizations and private enterprises to solve problems related to the restoration of chemical current sources that are in operation. Conducts successful commissioning of lead batteries, the storage life of which in the dry-charged state has significantly exceeded the established standards.

From October 1990 to May 1991 he was a senior battery attendant of LDT The Department of mechanization trust “Yuzhtransstroy”.

From May 1991 to October 1991 he was a test engineer of The Battery Department of Electronic Equipment of the Kharkov Electrical Products Plant #1.

From November 1992 to May 2002 he worked a leading expert of The South Ukrainian and Zaporozhskaya Nuclear Power Plants — specialization “Restorative Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Stationary lead-acid Batteries”.

From October 1995. to November 2002. was a chief engineer of the Atom-Coal company. The main responsibility was diagnostics and restoration service of traction Nickel-Iron batteries of mine electric locomotives. At that time he developed an intellectual automatic charging and discharge device algorithm (IACDD) for servicing a mining cap-lamps.

From November 1996 to the present — leading expert of LTD APS in Kharkov.

In 1997 He applied to the State Patent Office of Ukraine and became the owner of patents for inventions:

  1. patent for invention in Ukraine # 18025 A Н01М 10/44 “Method for determining the state of lead-acid accumulator in the battery” in June 17, 1997;
  2. patent for invention in Ukraine # 18026 A Н01М 10/44 “Method of recovery accumulator maintenance in the battery” in June 17, 1997;

Since 1995 he has actively cooperates with the research team of the Department of Automotive Electronics of the Kharkov National Automobile and Road University.

During in collaboration with A. Panikarsky Ph.D in Enginering, Associate Professor of this department were developed next methods:

  1. diagnostic and recovery maintenance of all known types of lead-acid batteries.
  2. forming charge and diagnostic of new lead-acid batteries
  3. test control of Li-ion modules from the high-voltage battery of an electric vehicle
  4. carrying out of recovery maintenance of Li-ion high-voltage battery of an electric car Nissan Leaf.

The above methods are applied as a basis algorithm of IACDD (intellectual automatic charging and discharge device) types:

  1. Zarya-0.3/100-1 developed in collaboration with a private entrepreneur L. Kulikov.
  2. BZVM-4/12-3
  3. BZVM-2/12-3
  4. BZVM-4/12-4
  5. BZVM-4/12-4D
  6. BZVM-4/12-4 Li-ion D

These types ICADD (intellectual automatic charging and discharge device) developed with the participation of OOO APS.

  1. Vector-KD-2/12-36-190 developed by a private entrepreneur L. Kulikov in cooperation with V. Dankov who developed the algorithm and provided financial support.
  2. ODKB-2/12-50/60 was developed in cooperation with L. Odaryuk who was actively involved Made in OOO SKB Electroshchit.
  3. TA-8/12-30/270 battery tester

For all of above devices were made performance tests on various batteries on the production base of chemical current sources laboratory ZAO Khladoprom. Tests have confirmed the high effectiveness of these equipment.

Now focusing on developing an individual automatic device for high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles in collaboration with Panikarsky A. Ph.D in Engineering and Serikov T. in Ph.D in Engineering.

An indicative completion date is the end of 2020.

All planned studies are completed in 2021. Test equipment has been developed and manufactured. We are waiting for customers and buyers of our know-how


  1. Certificate for innovation proposal # 20,21,22,23,24 issued by the Deputy Commander Of The Order of Lenin of the Zabaikalski military district for armament, Lieutenant General A. N. Kovalev 21 October, 1989 to V. Dankov.
  2. Act of verification of reliability efficiency of technology for diagnostics and recovery maintenance of acid lead batteries proposed by V. V. Dankov dated 27 May, 1994
  3. Review of the use of methods of diagnostics and recovery service on the example of the operation of traction Nickel-iron batteries TAK-550 A. A. Skochinski mine. Performed by the author of these methods V. Dankov in October 1995.
  4. Patent for invention in Ukraine # 18025 A Н01М 10/44 “Method for determining the state of lead-acid accumulator in the battery” in June 17, 1997;
  5. Patent for invention in Ukraine # 18026 A Н01М 10/44 “Method of recovery accumulator maintenance in the battery” in June 17, 1997;
  6. Graph of the volt-ampere characteristics of the discharge and charge of the battery 4PzS240L during its recovery maintenance using AZRU “Zarya-0.3/100-1”
  7. Review of the Director of the Northern TU ZAO “MTS Ukraine” V. N. Petrovsky, on the use of the intelligent charging and recovery device AZRU “Zarya” from October 20, 2012
  8. Expert opinion of Colonel S. O. Sladkikh Ph.D in Enginering, Chief of the Department of Operation of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Kharkov tank Institute on the quality of work on recovery maintenance and diagnostics of starter tank batteries when using IACDD type “BZVM-4/24-3” dated May 24, 2012.
  9. A copy of the article УДК С29-341 V. Dankov, A. S. Panikarovski Kharkov State Automobile and Road College. “Some features of maintenance and repair of Nissan Leaf car batteries”
  10. Report of the engineer-inventor V. Dankov on the topic “The main advantages of the methods and ways of action proposed by me when they are used in the process of manufacturing new lead batteries and during their recovery maintenance”.